5 New Free Android Apps For this Week worthy to download.

If there are free and quality, why pay for it? It is like a motto living for most people, including for users of Google Android Tablet, it is reasonable because of course you have paid enough to buy the android tablet. Therefore, to help you find Free Android Tablet Apps. We gave a list of 5 New Free Android Apps For this Week worthy to download.

Storage Analyser

This free apps will help you analyze and give detailed information about apps / file what you have spent the amount of memory on your Tablet Android device. It is important to keep utilizing every space MB owned by your tablet Android devices. Especially for those of you who only have a little amount of your internal memory. Use this application and begin to free up some space.

Storage Analyser can:
● Analyses Sdcard, external Sdcards, USB storage devices, system partitions (disabled by default)…
● Order the content by size, the amount of files, the date or just the name
● See the space used by applications using App2SD (.android_secure folder).
● Include or exclude folder from the mediascan of the Android Gallery.
● Filter out the content you are aware of to make the rest more noticeable.
● Delete no longer necessary data directly from the app. No need for external file managers.
● Copy and Move files directly from the App.
● Real tablet support.
● Allows several columns depending on the screen size.
● Shows which already removed application left over some data in /sdcard/Android/data/ and /data/data

Battery Widget? Reborn! (BETA)

Not only does it look extremely good, it will also help prolong your battery life. The app can show an icon in the status bar with current battery level. It also displays some very useful info in the notifications tray, such as battery usage or temperature. From there you can also quickly turn on or off wi-fi, bluetooth or airplane mode. Battery Widget? Reborn! for android also provides a resizable widget.

From Developer: See how your battery perform. Long term stats. Battery charging and discharging chart!
Pure Holo Theme experience on all phones running Android 2.3+. Works well on both phones and tablets.
Configurable status bar notification show all the information you need. Multiple icon themes.
You can save a lot of battery by turning your phone into flight mode during the night. No radiation to you brain, no annoying calls.

Smart Launcher

There are many options for those of you who want to install a custom launcher on our devices, and among the many options, the Smart Launcher is one of the best options are feasible for you to consider. Why? This free app besides light and fast, it also requires little resources. This free apps will also automatically categorize all your apps into groups that you can achieve with the touch of a button. You also get a lot of customization options.

From Developer: Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher characterized by a minimalist design, low memory usage and an user-friendly UI that let you start any application with a few taps.
It is currently the only launcher on the store to features automatic cataloging of installed apps!
This is the first version. The project is developed by only me, so if you have any idea about how to make Smart Launcher better or you have some mockup to show me, contact me by email.
If you like this app consider to buy the PRO version for more features and to support the project!

Social Zone Lite

Social Zone offers access to the most important social networks. Rather then having all those separate apps installed, you only need Social Zone to manage all your social feeds. The Lite version will let you access Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Purchase the full version which is available at a very convenient price will allow to get access to a lot of other networks, including Google+.

Once installed there will be no need to flick between multiple browser windows or applications – you can access all your mobile networks from one single place.

DigiCal Calendar

It doesn’t have to be complicated to organize your schedule or meetings. Using an app to manage our schedule is a must on our smartphone and if you found that the built-in app just doesn’t do it for you, then give this app a try. It has a very stylish interface, it’s very fast and easy to use. It also syncs all your appointment with Google Calendar.

Thus 5 New Free Android Apps For this Week worthy to download. Hope you find something interesting there