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Best Android Apps for Your Kids

One of the hardest things in the process of parenting / educating children is to make them stay focused on what they are learning. But there are tricks that can be tried by the parents so that children are no longer disturbed by what is around them, one way is to keep them amused with their learning. By having the right tools, parents can soothe children are entertained by using a free app from the Android. Here are some of the best android apps for kids that will keep your children excited and happy while learning the rest of today. Let's go

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite is an educational and entertaining game for kids aged three to six. The app is great for teaching kids the art of solving puzzles. The lite version contains 20 puzzles to solve, with more puzzles in the pro version. The game is simple to play and kids will love how each picture or puzzle is beautifully rendered in colorful detail.

To complete a puzzle, kids need to figure out what shapes go into the designated places and arrange the pieces in a way that resembles the picture. Children who play the game often will boost their cognitive skills, visual spatial skills, shape recognition, and their motor skills. Unlike other kids’ games that are more complex and have so many distractions, Kids Preschool Lite is simple and easy to understand.

Kids Connect the Dots Lite

If your kids love connecting the dots, then this is a game well-suited for them. From the developers behind Kids Preschool Puzzle, here’s another educational and fun game for kids aged 4 to 7. Kids Connect the Dots Lite will let preschoolers have a chance to play a connect-the-dots game in full digital format. Kids who play the game occasionally will learn how to pronounce the numbers and letters in the dots. They will learn to count and learn the letters of the alphabet.

The game is easy to play and children just need to tap on a series of dots that outline an animal or object that a child may or may have not encountered. As the child taps on the dots, the numbers and letters of the alphabet will be pronounced. When children succeed in connecting all of the dots, the image will automatically transform into a colorful picture.

iStory Books

iStoryBooks is a free story book application that brings to life all of your favorite stories. Each storybook is composed of fun pictures, text, and audio to bring a story to life. Parents can even set the application to read the story out loud for their kids. This app has all the necessary tools to make storytelling a fun and worthwhile activity.

Books are continuously added and once they are published, they will automatically appear in the app complete with pictures and audio. The app also supports numerous book types such as children’s books, story books, bedtime stories, classic stories, folk stories, and fairy tales, just to name a few. Kids will enjoy these books, especially if their dads and/or moms read the stories to them, or if they discover the joy of reading the stories themselves.

Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Spoil your kids and let them have fun coloring pictures of all shapes and sizes with Dinosaurs Coloring Book . Unleash your kids’ imaginations and let their creativity roam free as Dinosaurs Coloring Book has all the tools they need to start coloring.

The app provides over 90 dinosaur stock images to choose from. The more the kids spend time with the app, the more time they will enhance their coloring skills and learn more about dinosaurs.

Kids can choose from a variety of colors from the color picker and color their favorite images as they please. They can even zoom in and out of the picture to color even the tiniest of details. There are multiple brushes to select from and a paint bucket for them to pick and match their desired colors. Parents can even share their kid’s work instantly via email, Twitter, or Facebook

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is not just an application for young adults who want to have fun but it is also a great game for kids to enjoy and learn physics. The ever-popular game has branched off into different themes, from the original to the more futuristic theme in Angry Birds Space. The object of the game is simple: to defeat the pigs by using a slingshot and hurling birds to destroy them.

The gorgeous graphics and funny sounds of the birds and pigs are hilarious, and kids at early ages will surely enjoy hurling birds from a slingshot. With over 300 unique levels, Angry Birds is a great application for sheer pleasure and enjoyment.

Game for KIDS: KIDS Match’em

Exercise your child’s memory with Game for KIDS: KIDS Match’em . Boosting your child’s memory could never be easier and more fun than with this interesting application. The addictive game can improve your kid’s short-term and sensory memory skills with just a few days of use and practice.

The game supports different resolution sizes, has high quality graphics, and includes nice sound effects to make it more engaging to play.

The object of the game is simple: pair matching tile cards. Tapping on a tile card will reveal a picture, and getting a pair will permanently reveal it. Match all the tiles and the game is won.

The app supports 2 difficulty levels which will affect the number of cards shown on the screen. There are over 6 different card sets to choose from: cute furry animals, hats, cartoon vehicles, Halloween characters, and a Christmas theme.

Kids Socks

Here’s another matching game that will make your kids definitely throw their socks off — literally. Kids Socks is a matching game that employs an alternative twist of the traditional tile-matching game. Instead of matching tile cards, kids have to match socks hanging from a wire.

The objective is to match the sock shown with socks that you have. Just drag the same-colored sock and do a match. This is a great application to enhance a child’s creativity and keep their memory fresh. You can even change the socks and activate underpants if you feel bored with just matching socks. Memorizing has never been so fun and so addictive than with Kids Socks.

Talking Kids Math and Numbers

Talking Kids Math and Numbers is the number one math and learning application for kids to try and test their skills in mathematics. If you’ve always wanted to boost your kids’ mathematical skills, then Talking Kids will be a great app to keep your children entertained while educating them on the basics. What’s even better, the app supports TV output if you feel that your phone screen is too small.

Numbers will be flashed on the screen with the funny penguin asking your child for the answer. The app is also a great way to learn mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. If your kids are smart, they can use the app’s built-in Quiz Mode to test their basic math abilities.

Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE

Always wanted to teach your kids how to read while keeping them entertained? Then Kids Reading (Preschool) Free is the right application to teach them reading skills. Kids Reading Free is a delightful game that teaches kids to practice blending sounds together and learn to spell simple words such as “dog,” “sun,” and “cat.”

The app has three sections to help children learn. The first section involves teaching them to blend sounds together by moving a turtle across a letter bridge. The second section involves elementary reading and the last one involves a game that calls for manipulating blocks until a word is spelled out correctly. Kids Learn to Read is a great application for teaching children to read.

Kids Paint Free

Kids Paint Free is one of the best painting applications for kids of all ages. Kids can draw beautiful art using their fingers, and if your Android device supports a stylus, your kids can draw even more accurate drawings.

Kids will have a great time with the application as they can perform many things such as shaking their device to clear the screen, use a trackball to set gradient colors, and even share their drawings online.

The app is simple and easy to use. Drawings are set on a black background. There are different colors to choose from and they are bright enough to catch a child’s attention. So, if you’re looking for something different aside from the predefined coloring books, then Kids Paint for Free is the right application for kids.

Well, actually there are many free android apps for kids, but a free android apps that I mentioned are some of the best that is often used by parents. Hope can help

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App Smart Extra: More Apps for Android Tablets

This week’s App Smart was about apps you may like to try out on your new Android tablet — a class of device that is really making a splash in the mobile computing market to rival the iPad.

But of course there are thousands upon thousands of apps, and only limited space in the column, so here are a few more suggestions.

I suggested the News360 app, and by all means try it out free. But if it does not appeal to you, then you may have more luck with the Flipboard app, also free. This is another highly popular news aggregator that has a graphics-centric interface controlled by gestures. The app is now optimized for the bigger screen real estate that tablets offer compared with Android phones.

If gaming is your thing, then you may be pleased to hear that there is a free, tablet-friendly version of an EA Games classic, The Sims, in the Google Play store. The Sims FreePlay has all the charm of the original game, with tap controls that worked very well on my Nexus 7’s screen. It also has very impressive visuals including detailed character animations, which make the most of the graphical power of an Android tablet.

For live wallpaper, check out Exodus Live Wallpaper, which is free (or $1 for a Pro edition) and will display a rain of cubes gently tumbling and rolling across a tablet’s desktop background. You can adjust many of the parameters and it adds a suitably high-tech flavor to your tablet’s screen. If high tech isn’t your thing, I’ve found Sakura Live Wallpaper to be very eye-catching (free or $1.29 for a Pro version with more controls). Leaves gently tumble from the trees in its Japanese-esque images and they even react to your screen taps.

Of course Android tablets are also great for productivity, and Google’s own stable of apps serve many useful work-related purposes. But if your workplace is resolutely Microsoft-oriented, you may find the free CloudOn app handy. It lets you get to your Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents on your tablet; you can even edit them and share them with colleagues over Dropbox. The app has been freshly updated this month, which means its developers are keeping it current.

Also for productivity, the free Pocket app is highly regarded as a way to store text, images and video from Web sites you like so you can read them later, perhaps at a moment when you have no Internet connection.

Extra Quick Call

Activision’s new free Skylanders Lost Islands app has just hit iOS devices. It’s more like playing The Sims than the role-playing console version of the game, but it does let players of the original import their own personal characters.

Source gadgetwise

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Best Free 2012 Fantasy Football Apps for Your Android Tablet.

For football fans, they definitely will not want to miss any game of football, his favorite team well, and other football teams. or try to feel the atmosphere of excitement in the 2012 Fantasy Football game. Although it is now entering week 10, but it could not hurt to continue to shed all sense of the excitement. How? Of course you can come to feel by playing fantasy football this season by using some best fantasy football apps on your Nexus 7 or other Android Tablets. Okay without waiting time. here's Best Free 2012 Fantasy Football Apps for Your Android Tablet.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’12

It is no doubt that Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’12 is the most popular fantasy football service for mobile devices. It features live scoring and stat tracking, full roster management, and message board access, matchup schedules, player news and more. You are allowed to track the past, present, and future matchups. You can login in via either Facebook or Google. If you're among Yahoo's millions of fantasy football players, you must take this app for invaluable information while on the move.

ESPN Fantasy Football 2012

This app is the official ESPN Fantasy Football app. It offers full team management (start/bench players, add, drop, and claim players off waivers, propose, trades), and the ability to post messages to your league’s message board. Real-time scoring and detailed information for all your matchups can be provided as well as personalized push notifications for injuries, substitutions, and scoring updates. This one is only for 2012.

Fantasy Football Insider

Offering exclusive access to the same experts that NFL execs and industry giants like ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports have relied upon over the years, Fantasy Football Insider can certainly supplement your mobile experience. Almost full information are included such as stats, schedules and standings, news, rumors, and insider information, Weekly rankings, injury updates and start/sit recommendations and others. Bonus premium content is also available to PFW subscribers!

NFL '12

Follow pro football on-the-go with the NFL's official mobile app NFL '12. Though it's not fantasy specific, you can manage follow your own players and follow other stars from around the league with a handy way by live alerts, bonus content and matchup previews.

You do not have to spend all your time in front of the computer just because of fear miss news / information because you can enjoy these highlights anytime, or even you would like to form a team of fantasy football by your own version? Of course you can do it using these Fantasy Football 2012 Best Free Apps for Your Android Tablet
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Best Free Applications for Android Tablet for college students

The competition to get into college is very strict, even when it was in, you will be busy with a many research and there is little time for you to solve difficult problems in financing your college, unless you have a scholarship, but it was not easy to get. But you should not worry too much because the technology is now very advanced, forget about the weight of a backpack containing ledgers. For users of Google Android Devices, both tablets and smartphones, I offer some Free Android Apps that will help you and allow you to manage your college routine. And here are the Best Free Applications for Android Tablet for college students

Virt U: The Virtual University

In case you missed your chance of going to either Harvard, Berkeley, or Stanford, then don’t beat yourself up over it. Thanks to this app, these great universities can come to you. Virt U: The Virtual University is a great app that lets you watch lectures from leading universities right from the comfort of your Android device. In order to complement your current college studies, Virt U offers you the flexibility to skim through scores of graduate and undergraduate lectures available on various subjects. The lectures, available via this app, are also available for offline viewing.

The app also boasts of being a “community of on-line learners” and provides limited social media interaction that allows the user to connect via Facebook and share their favorite lectures. Users of this app can also interact via the community discussion board. Of course the app has some design flaws, but this certain app is a must-have for all college students.

Kindle for Android

Today, you don’t really need to pack all those bulky books into your backpack for college. With the advent of Android and some great apps, you can reduce your backpack load immensely while keeping it smart.

The Kindle for Android app is something you’ll need all through your college years to keep your backpack load to a minimum. Kindle for Android is an app that allows you to read e-Books on the go and today, most paper books are being quickly replaced with their electronic versions. With the help of this app, you can access the eBooks already present on your Android device, buy new books online, check-out eBooks, journals, and periodicals via your local library, and sync your eBooks via multiple platforms, etc.

This app also allows you to easily tailor your reading experience according to your preferences. You can change font size, make bookmarks, create notes and control screen brightness while you read.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

Sometimes you come across a great paragraph or a note that is part of a publication and you just don’t have time to get it photocopied or printed. To let you save documents for future use on the go, CamScanner -Phone PDF creator is a great app.

This app allows you to take photos of a document and then convert it into PDF for printing or sharing. CamScanner comes with a wide variety of integrated features that even let you crop, enhance, and save document pictures in a variety of other formats.

There is also an auto crop and enhance tool that lets you modify the captured document for best viewing or printing angles. The app also provides you limited sharing facility. You can email, tweet, or share your scanned documents across multiple platforms. This is of course subject to availability of social media apps on your phone.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator is available for free in the Google Play Store. You can also purchase a pro version that comes with zero advertisements, the ability to scan documents without watermarks and with no limitations on number of documents scanned.

Cash4Books Scan & Sell Books

Have you ever thought about selling your used semester books for a price? If you haven’t, then it’s time for you to think about it. Your older books, which you no longer need, can bring in some fast cash to your pockets via the Cash4Books Scan & Sell Books app. Cash4Books is an online service that has been in operation since 2004.

The main business of this portal is to help college graduates and undergrads get rid of their used books for good money. With Cash4Books, you can easily scan book bar code and get instant price quotations from available buyers.

If you like a price quote for your book, you can then ship your book to Cash4Books and get paid fast. You can either get paid via PayPal or opt for mail-in check.


It is now time to stop carrying that class timetable you scribbled on paper and use your Android device to handle things smartly. Studious for Android is a homework and timetable manager for students of all ages. Although the name doesn’t explain much, the app is virtually your all-in-one studies manager while you’re still studying. With Studious on your Android phone or tablet, you can schedule your device to go on auto silent during lectures. Studious also reminds you of your homework and tests. With this app, you can also save notes, text, and photos for future reference on the go. The app has excellent developer support and all new updates carry bug fixes along with performance improvements.

Easy Voice Recorder

In college, it is difficult for students to jot down every valuable word coming out of the teacher’s mouth. Sometimes, while taking down notes, you miss essential information that remains a mystery unless you can get hold of the teacher and ask him or her to explain it. Gone are the days when college students used to carry bulky voice recorders to record lectures. If you have an Android phone, then you are all set to record each and every word said during the lecture for reference.

Easy Voice Recorder is one such Android app that lets you capture audio and voice in great quality. The user interface of this app is pretty simple and all you need to do is press the record button to get things rolling. Easy Voice Recorder for Android allows you to record MP4 files using AAC and 3GP files using AMR.

With this app, you can also record files to WAV format. The app comes with a widget, so you can always have it handy on your phone’s homescreen to start recording.

Easy Voice Recorder is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can also get a featured-packed pro version that costs US$3.08.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Most college students find it difficult to get up to attend early-morning lectures. Most of the time, you end up feeling guilty about a really important class that you missed because of your inability to get up on time. Android can help you getting up on time, as well. Alarm Clock Xtreme is an Android app that wakes you up on time. This app comes packed with features that prevent extra snoozing.

With this app, you can set your morning alarm to slowly rise in volume and wake you up gently and more naturally. You can either set some math problems to prevent yourself from turning off the alarm or set an extra-large snooze button. Alarm Clock Xtreme comes loaded with features like random song alarm, shake-to-dismiss snoozing, a countdown timer, and more.

Alarm Clock Xtreme is available for free on the Google Play Store. There is also a paid version of this app that costs US$1.99 and comes ad-free.

handyCalc Calculator

Once you are in the college, it is really difficult to avoid courses that involve the use of a calculator. From simple arts majors to computer science and engineering students, there are always some courses that require college students to posses a calculator. Although you can go and buy a new calculator, we’d suggest something different.

Your Android phone is a great device and there are some great calculator apps that eradicate the need for buying a standalone calculating machine. handyCalc Calculator is an Android app that delivers more than it promises. This app has been declared as the best by various weblogs and publications. The app comes with a robust auto suggestion tool and makes it easier for the users to learn while making calculations.

You also have a choice to display answers in fraction or decimal mode. With this calculator, you don’t even need a standalone currency or unit conversion app. The handyCalc Calculator has built in functions to handle currency, unit, and metric conversions. The app also offers graph plotting and solving.

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests

When you are looking to stay ahead of the class, nothing works better than quizzing yourself. gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests is a handy Android app that lets you do just that. It provides instant access to flashcard sets that can be used to test yourself. The flashcards can be added from the ones you might have created at Google Docs and the gWhiz catalog.

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests tracks your test score so that you can assess your progress. While the iOS version of this app provides Google account access, the Android version requires you to upload files from Google Docs to your public directory instead.

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests is a good app for not just for students but also for teachers who can use it to share their flash cards with students. This way, students can collaborate with their teachers for creating a self-assessment packs that are appropriate and custom-made for their needs.

Movies by Flixster

College life isn’t all about books. In college, you get to meet new people, socialize and, maybe, take one or two of them to movies. If you are in college and are looking to keep yourself updated with the latest flicks, show times, and movie reviews, then Movies by Flixster is an app you shouldn’t miss.

The app allows you to see what’s hot at the box office and to track the latest show times at theaters near your college area. The app comes with some great features such as latest critic reviews of flicks by Rotten Tomatoes. Via this app, you can also watch movie trailers in high definition. Movies by Flixster also allows you to create and manage a “want to see list” followed by adding your own comments and reviews to different movies.

that some Android apps that will help you in the college, I realized that all of the free apps I mentioned but hopefully it helps.

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5 New Free Android Apps For this Week worthy to download.

If there are free and quality, why pay for it? It is like a motto living for most people, including for users of Google Android Tablet, it is reasonable because of course you have paid enough to buy the android tablet. Therefore, to help you find Free Android Tablet Apps. We gave a list of 5 New Free Android Apps For this Week worthy to download.

Storage Analyser

This free apps will help you analyze and give detailed information about apps / file what you have spent the amount of memory on your Tablet Android device. It is important to keep utilizing every space MB owned by your tablet Android devices. Especially for those of you who only have a little amount of your internal memory. Use this application and begin to free up some space.

Storage Analyser can:
● Analyses Sdcard, external Sdcards, USB storage devices, system partitions (disabled by default)…
● Order the content by size, the amount of files, the date or just the name
● See the space used by applications using App2SD (.android_secure folder).
● Include or exclude folder from the mediascan of the Android Gallery.
● Filter out the content you are aware of to make the rest more noticeable.
● Delete no longer necessary data directly from the app. No need for external file managers.
● Copy and Move files directly from the App.
● Real tablet support.
● Allows several columns depending on the screen size.
● Shows which already removed application left over some data in /sdcard/Android/data/ and /data/data

Battery Widget? Reborn! (BETA)

Not only does it look extremely good, it will also help prolong your battery life. The app can show an icon in the status bar with current battery level. It also displays some very useful info in the notifications tray, such as battery usage or temperature. From there you can also quickly turn on or off wi-fi, bluetooth or airplane mode. Battery Widget? Reborn! for android also provides a resizable widget.

From Developer: See how your battery perform. Long term stats. Battery charging and discharging chart!
Pure Holo Theme experience on all phones running Android 2.3+. Works well on both phones and tablets.
Configurable status bar notification show all the information you need. Multiple icon themes.
You can save a lot of battery by turning your phone into flight mode during the night. No radiation to you brain, no annoying calls.

Smart Launcher

There are many options for those of you who want to install a custom launcher on our devices, and among the many options, the Smart Launcher is one of the best options are feasible for you to consider. Why? This free app besides light and fast, it also requires little resources. This free apps will also automatically categorize all your apps into groups that you can achieve with the touch of a button. You also get a lot of customization options.

From Developer: Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher characterized by a minimalist design, low memory usage and an user-friendly UI that let you start any application with a few taps.
It is currently the only launcher on the store to features automatic cataloging of installed apps!
This is the first version. The project is developed by only me, so if you have any idea about how to make Smart Launcher better or you have some mockup to show me, contact me by email.
If you like this app consider to buy the PRO version for more features and to support the project!

Social Zone Lite

Social Zone offers access to the most important social networks. Rather then having all those separate apps installed, you only need Social Zone to manage all your social feeds. The Lite version will let you access Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Purchase the full version which is available at a very convenient price will allow to get access to a lot of other networks, including Google+.

Once installed there will be no need to flick between multiple browser windows or applications – you can access all your mobile networks from one single place.

DigiCal Calendar

It doesn’t have to be complicated to organize your schedule or meetings. Using an app to manage our schedule is a must on our smartphone and if you found that the built-in app just doesn’t do it for you, then give this app a try. It has a very stylish interface, it’s very fast and easy to use. It also syncs all your appointment with Google Calendar.

Thus 5 New Free Android Apps For this Week worthy to download. Hope you find something interesting there

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5 Best Free Weather Apps For Android Tablet

Extreme weather is rampant everywhere, still remember the sandy hurricane that finally canceling event from Google on October 29th yesterday? In fact with so many electronic devices that is all around us today, we are biased just as easily know the weather around us. It is undeniable weather undergoing an important influence in our activities. And for the User Android tablet, by adding some free android apps for the weather, you can get accurate weather information that can organize your life normally. Below I give a list of some Free Weather Apps for Your Android Tablet that will give you information about the weather around of you compiled by Rosaura Gaffney

1.AccuWeather for Android

Claimed to“the best weather app ever", AccuWeather for Android is loaded with forecast information for your convenience.It can provide accurate and local forecasts for 2.7 million locations worldwide. Forecasts updated each hour with information for the next 15 days – all in 27 different languages. The default page of the app displays the current weather, temperature, wind speed, etc. Also included are the sunrise and sunset times to help you plan your day.


WeatherBug is one of the ‘big boys’ of the Weather app scene and it is the most comprehensive application providing you full information related to weather.You can get the live weather forecasts via the live images from more than 2,000 weather locations camera across the United States.Another thing about it is that it providers the alerts for severe weathers like Tornado warnings, Tsunami or high tide.

Besides,you can get the the weather forecasts of 7 days extended with hourly forecasts and the interactive maps aided with technology provides the exact temperature, wind speed, humidity, sunshine or dark clouds reports from this app.

3.The Weather Channel

Another must trusted and the comprehensive source for the weather all over the world is probably The Weather Channel.It can provide the most accurate and relevant weather information whenever weather matters to you.With 200+ meteorologists and ultra-local forecasting technology, it provide you with the weather tools you need to plan your day, week, or even the next hour. The daily information is excellent in this app because it includes what the temperature feels like, the humidity, and UV index.

4.3D Digital Weather Clock

If you want to travel to other country for a holiday outing via Thomas Cook or Cox & Kings and so you have to check out the weather forecasts for particular days,Digital Weather Clock can provide you quick look up of weather on your Android tablets. The app offers the weather forecasts, current conditions of any location in any part of the world.The weather report of five days forecasts is available in this app.

In addition,The weather status bar built in this app provides current weather and the rain fall probability by checking the rain radar, satellite view and map of your location.

5.GO Weather EX

The new version of GO Weather is GO Weather EX,and the old version has not been maintained now.GO Weather EX delieves the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time.And you may get the the ultimate visual enjoyment out of the gorgeous dynamic background.You can get the information of weather condition in the next 24 hours, weather forecast for the next 5 days,Weather detail today,etc.Also,it can auto refresh so that you can know the latest information.

Undoubtedly,we should concern the wether in this times so that we can arrange our life better.With these apps,we can get the local or other place's weather condition quickly and conveniently through out android tablet.
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5 Coolest Android Apps For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Google PlayStore it has provided so many good apps to users of Android Smartphones and Android Tablets, some of which are free but many are paid. But this time we Forget the paid apps and we will discuss some of the free apps that should be owned by you as a user of Google Android Tablet. Especially for those of you who have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, why should the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? This Android Tablet can be regarded as the best in the world's thinnest tablet, with the support of excellent 10.1-inch HD screen. Honeycomb 3.1 brings improved multitasking, Flash support, and a higher-quality user experience. It's time to Tab 10.1 users to maximize profits by adding the best apps for it. You do not have to add all the Android apps that I recommend because it may take time to consider it. But 5 Coolest Android Apps For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is indeed worthy to be considered

1. Advanced Task Killer

Android is an excellent operating system, but battery life and performance on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 can be affected by lots of apps running in the OS. May you ‘ve learned iOS 5 bug has lead to iPhone 4S battery issue not far ago.
If the phone starts to feel sluggish, or the battery life is dropping like a rock, open up ATK and it will stop any apps you aren’t using. There will be lot of them and it should help to make sure there aren’t any unwanted apps taking up power or resources. It’s possible to close apps manually, and there’s also an auto-kill function.

2. Tweetcaster

You are be accustomed to Skype, Twitter as the best Twitter app on Android phones?Tablets are a completely different story because Tweetcaster is awesome. While compare to Plume’s column interface, you will prefer Tweetcaster’s design that takes advantage of Honeycomb and provides some unique features. For example, users can filter their timeline according to photos, videos, and links that can be viewed through an in-app browser.

Tweetcaster also supports multiple accounts and well-organized views of mentions, messages, favorites, lists, and profiles. Users can also search Twitter and view the trending topics on a large screen.

3. MoboPlayer

Galaxy Tablet 10.1 inch 1080p support display is born for video, and Moboplayer is a great app for playing videos on the SGT. Like every other video player app out there, MKV files are sluggish and should be avoided, but AVI, MP4, WMV, and most other formats play smoothly.

If you insist to play MKV, MOV, MPEG on this talented tab, you can try free Samsung Galaxy Tablet Converter aimed at converting all kinds of videos to Galaxy supported formats for 1080p or 720p playing.There are also great on-screen controls that will adjust volume by swiping up/down on the right side of the screen, and brightness by swiping the left side. Users can also change aspect ratio and skip backward or forward.

4. Documents to Go

Documents to Go is another must-have for any business user, with the ability to open Word, Powerpoint and Excel files on the move. You won’t be able to edit them with this free version, but that’s what Google Docs (see below) is for.

5. SwiFTP Server

Samsung Kies and Google’s Mac companion for Honeycomb are both worthless if you use a Mac, so there’s no way to connect your Tab and computer for file transfer. SwiFTP FTP Server creates a wireless connection to easily transfer files. SwiFTP uses a Wi-Fi connection to send files to and from the Tab 10.1, provided that users have an FTP client on their computer (I recommend Cyberduck). Even Windows PC owners may find SwiFTP useful for times they need to transfer files without a USB cable nearby. Instructions for how to set-up the connection are included in the app.

thank you for Finance Article Directory to arrangement of the list 5 Coolest Android Apps For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, hopefully can help you to maximize the hidden potential of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
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Best Free Android Tablet Apps For Increase You Productivity

Basically, Tablet, including Google Android Tablet designed to be surfing in a Web, sending SMS or also send and receive email with easier and faster. But today, the function of minicomputer has evolved into something much bigger, most people use tablet computer to playing games or increase their productivity at work. in addition a variety of free applications available, we will feel an enormous assistance and certainly easier to solve. Here I give the list of Free Android Tablet Apps that will help increase your productivity.

Catch Notes app – This office app offers up a simple but effective collaboration tool that supports voice as well as text notes.

Fill & Sign PDF Forms app – This application does exactly what its name suggests.

GO Contacts app – this Office app allows users to search fast and merge all entries. For the cautious, it also offers backup and recovery.

iTranslate – this apps proclaims itself the universal translator. Though its voice recognition is somewhat irregular, yet it works quickly and well for email and files.

Kingsoft Office (Free) – This app is nearly as good as mobile offices get. Its word processor and spreadsheet compare satisfactorily with Google Docs.

Kingsoft Office (International) – This app offers up support for forty five (45) different languages.

OliveOffice Premium – This is an Office suite .pdf and .chm files, along with word processor and spreadsheet/

OpenOffice Document Reader – This application is just a fundamental necessity for the users of LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

Presentation Pal – This Office app named as Presentation Pal runs presentations directly from your mobile device.

Qoppa PDF Reader – This is a faster app as compared to the widely used Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Zoho Invoice – This application permits users to create an invoice on the spot, and then email it.

Free Android Graphic Apps:

Tablets’ small displays are less than ideal for graphics work, but you can enhance graphics experience on tablets by using the following apps:

AutoCAD WS – This app allow users to annotate and edit AutoCAD files.

CamScanner PDF Creator – CamScanner PDF Creator app ads scanner and fax abilities to your tablet.

Photo Editor App – You can also edit photos making use of Photo Editor App.

Vector Draw Beta – This app helps you to draw with the help of your fingers.

Free Android utility app Fontomizer allows the user to display different languages on the screen, as well as make his/her own more readable.

In addition, there are some free Android online apps that add to tablets’ productivity. The apps are as follows:

Bittorent – Beta – This is very helpful in reducing pain of limited storage; and Chrome, Firefox and Opera Mobile Web Browser whose minimalist design makes it well-suited to the tablets’ screen.
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Top Free Android Antivirus Apps For Your Android Tablet

When you decide to use the Tablet PC as a device that will support your mobile life., The biggest concern that arises is the malware and virus attacks on your tablet PC, especially for those of you who use the Google Android tablet PC, since most malwares and virus targeting Android devices because it is very easy to manipulate than other operating systems in the world. It is important for you to immediately install antivirus apps on your Android Tablet. Although Google has given the new security features in Android Jelly Beans 4.2. but it never hurts to precaution it? Here's Top Free Android AntiVirus Apps For Your Android Tablet that list compiled by Fresinfos.com

avast! Mobile Security

According to most reviews and ratings from experts around the world, avast! mobile security is the best and the most effective mobile security software available for Android. It comes packed with a set of tools including Anti-Theft, Network Meter, Web Shield and many more. avast! will protect your device from the moment you install it by running a scan to see if you already have malware’s installed among the apps.It even allows you to remotely control your device after installing the app.

You can get the avast! app from Google Play for free.


AVG is famous for protecting Windows computers. And it is now also available for Android devices as well. If you have second thoughts about avast! app you should consider this app, which I’d like to mention as the second best antivirus app for Android. Tools like Safe Web Surfing, Task-killer, Local wipe comes in handy when managing your tablet and content. Also the Anti-theft and Phone Location will definitely help you to locate your device if it gets stolen.

You can get the AVG app from Google Play for free.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout was the first antivirus app made specially for the Android platform. It comes with lots of helpful tools and options to protect Android tablets. It can even be used on Android 2.2 Froyo and beyond. It will scan for emails, data and apps to removes malwares and viruses. The premium version will add more protection for $2.99/month price. But you can use the app for free anyway.

You can get the Lookout app from Google Play for free.

Zoner AntiVirus Free

Considering all the positive feedback from the users, this antivirus app deserves to get more ratings than it already has. Zoner is not the best antivirus software out there but it provides good protection for your Android tablet. It also has some cool features like downloaded file scanning, blocking SMS and Theft Protection as well. Another great feature is the ability to send encrypted messages that can only be viewed by the person with the right key.

You can get the Zoner app from Google Play for free.

That list of Top Free Android Antivirus Apps For Your Android Tablet, hopefully can help you protect your Android Tablets

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8 Greats Free Android Apps for your Tablet

A busy day from morning till night, either at home or at the office to make would we are often overwhelmed. It would be nice if we got a little help, especially if it could help in completing the work and provide an atmosphere and a new warmth in the atmosphere together with family. Why not take advantage of the facilities offered your Google Android Tablet? Here are 8 free Greats Apps for your Android Tablet which I took from mashable.com

Apps to Get Your Day Started


The first thing you want to do in the morning is check the weather so you know how to dress for the day. Weatherwise is a fantastic app that brings your weather forecast to life with animated personas and moving landscapes. You can view the current and five-day forecast with the built-in geolocator, save up to five locations, get details by hour and change all visuals and animations through the in-app store.

Google Currents

If you want to read the news while you’re eating breakfast, Google Currents is the app for you. It’s more than the news. It’s your news, pulling stories from only sources you are interested in. Plus, these beautiful magazine-like editions are easy to read and look great on a large tablet screen.

Apps for 9 to 5

Cisco WebEX Meetings

For those lucky enough to work from home, the Cisco WebEX Meetings app easily connects you to important meetings so you can join a web conference right from your tablet. It’s the perfect home office application. It works with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco WebEx Meetings to deliver mobile web conferencing, audio and high-quality video.


Evernote is another much loved application that “turns your Android™ device into an extension of your brain.” It helps you stay organized with notes, lists, photos and more. Increasing productivity is one of the better ways to get more out of your week, so this app is a must-have.

Apps for After Work

Basketball Dood

If you coach your kid’s little league basketball team, then you’ll definitely want to use the Basketball Dood app. It’s a moving playbook that lets you use an S Pen™ on a Galaxy 10.1 to draw out a play and then save the image, or animate it to show how the players move. If you’re not into basketball, the developer, mola, has a similar app for many other sports.

First Aid

When someone trips and skins a knee during practice, you’ll be able to save the day in a jiffy with your First Aid app from the American Red Cross. The app is easy to navigate and includes tons of pictures and videos that you can view on your large tablet screen.

Apps for Your Child Genius

Tracing ABC Free

Pass the tablet to the kids so they can learn to read and write with the Tracing ABC Free app. It’s perfect for kids 2–5 who are just learning to trace letters, numbers and shapes. With the natural writing features of the S Pen, your kids will be sure to excel.

Trace me! (My Love Jenny)

Why You Need It:Unlike most jump-and-avoid-the-obstacles games, the Trace me! (My Love Jenny) app allows you to draw your own track towards the goal. In this case, the goal is to get to Jenny, your soul mate. You draw paths and platforms with the S Pen as you collect what Jenny asks for, such as diamonds and shoes. But getting to Jenny isn’t as easy as it sounds — standing between you and Jenny is a host of obstacles, including buzzsaws, scissors and falling rocks.

That 8 Free Android Apps for your Tablet, may could help in your activities whether at home or the office
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