8 Greats Free Android Apps for your Tablet

A busy day from morning till night, either at home or at the office to make would we are often overwhelmed. It would be nice if we got a little help, especially if it could help in completing the work and provide an atmosphere and a new warmth in the atmosphere together with family. Why not take advantage of the facilities offered your Google Android Tablet? Here are 8 free Greats Apps for your Android Tablet which I took from mashable.com

Apps to Get Your Day Started


The first thing you want to do in the morning is check the weather so you know how to dress for the day. Weatherwise is a fantastic app that brings your weather forecast to life with animated personas and moving landscapes. You can view the current and five-day forecast with the built-in geolocator, save up to five locations, get details by hour and change all visuals and animations through the in-app store.

Google Currents

If you want to read the news while you’re eating breakfast, Google Currents is the app for you. It’s more than the news. It’s your news, pulling stories from only sources you are interested in. Plus, these beautiful magazine-like editions are easy to read and look great on a large tablet screen.

Apps for 9 to 5

Cisco WebEX Meetings

For those lucky enough to work from home, the Cisco WebEX Meetings app easily connects you to important meetings so you can join a web conference right from your tablet. It’s the perfect home office application. It works with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco WebEx Meetings to deliver mobile web conferencing, audio and high-quality video.


Evernote is another much loved application that “turns your Android™ device into an extension of your brain.” It helps you stay organized with notes, lists, photos and more. Increasing productivity is one of the better ways to get more out of your week, so this app is a must-have.

Apps for After Work

Basketball Dood

If you coach your kid’s little league basketball team, then you’ll definitely want to use the Basketball Dood app. It’s a moving playbook that lets you use an S Pen™ on a Galaxy 10.1 to draw out a play and then save the image, or animate it to show how the players move. If you’re not into basketball, the developer, mola, has a similar app for many other sports.

First Aid

When someone trips and skins a knee during practice, you’ll be able to save the day in a jiffy with your First Aid app from the American Red Cross. The app is easy to navigate and includes tons of pictures and videos that you can view on your large tablet screen.

Apps for Your Child Genius

Tracing ABC Free

Pass the tablet to the kids so they can learn to read and write with the Tracing ABC Free app. It’s perfect for kids 2–5 who are just learning to trace letters, numbers and shapes. With the natural writing features of the S Pen, your kids will be sure to excel.

Trace me! (My Love Jenny)

Why You Need It:Unlike most jump-and-avoid-the-obstacles games, the Trace me! (My Love Jenny) app allows you to draw your own track towards the goal. In this case, the goal is to get to Jenny, your soul mate. You draw paths and platforms with the S Pen as you collect what Jenny asks for, such as diamonds and shoes. But getting to Jenny isn’t as easy as it sounds — standing between you and Jenny is a host of obstacles, including buzzsaws, scissors and falling rocks.

That 8 Free Android Apps for your Tablet, may could help in your activities whether at home or the office