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Top 10 Android Tablet Apps For Nexus 7

Nexus 7 is one of the 7-inch Google Android Tablets are popular in the market today by offering the ability incredible processing power and matching combined with a high-resolution screen makes Google Android Tablet Nexus 7 is very popular, it may be said even now its popularity beats Amazon Kindel Fire HD and Apple iPad Mini. But with all the powers that be, Nexus 7 remains an ordinary device that can not display the maximum capacity without you armed with several free applications that are specially prepared for 7 Inch Android Tablet, quoted from idigitaltimes.com, here is the best Android tablet apps that look great on the Nexus 7:

1) SwiftKey Tablet ($3.99)

 If you purchase can only purchase one app, do yourself a favor and purchase this one. This custom keyboard treats users to predictive and auto-correcting while typing. SwiftKey Tablet automatically increases the accuracy and speed of typing. We're huge fans of it, and there's really no other way to put it. This app is essential for any serious Nexus 7 user.

2) Mint.com (FREE)

 Mint is one of the most beautifully designed apps on the Nexus 7. This personal finance tool makes it easier than ever to track expenses and plan for or future investments. The user interface is gorgeous, and if you're interested in managing your money using the Nexus 7, this is one of the best ways to do it.

3) Instapaper ($2.99)

 If you're a fan of magazine journalism or have any reason to bookmark website articles for later, this app is essential. Instapaper saves articles and clears the screen of any clutter or advertisements. You can save entire articles on the fly and Instapaper will sync the article across multiple devices. If you use this app on the Nexus 7, stories will automatically be sent to your device when they're saved, and they can be read without an Internet connection—crucial for travelers.

4) MX Player (FREE)

 It's not the best interface, but MX Player does one very important thing. It plays all popular file types including .avi and .mp4 files. If you want to store videos on your Nexus 7, this app will let you watch those videos.

5) 100 Floors (FREE)

 This is one of the most innovative games on the market. Users must solve 100 riddles to reach the top floor. There's an incredible variety of riddles that require a variety of steps including mathematical, mechanical, auditory and many more. If you've ever enjoyed a good puzzle game, you should try this best-of-class mobile game.

6) Triple Town (FREE)

 This is another puzzle game that's beautifully designed and is extremely addicting. The purpose of the game is to build the largest city you possibly can. By building items of the same kind next to each other, you'll ultimately grow your town. Triple Town is unlike any game available, and it's adorable characters and excellent gameplay will easily draw you in for hours.

7) Death Dome (FREE)

 This fighting game has intuitive controls and awesome animations. Build up your character with new weapons, shields and armor by destroying enemies. Fight head-to-head with dozens of mutants and freaks using a creative variety of weapons. This is a no-nonsense fighting game, and it's a must-have.

8) Dead Trigger (FREE)

: This game had such a high rate of piracy that it was eventually made free to the public. It's a classic zombie shooter with amazing character animations and very intuititve controls. If you're looking for gory, high-intensity shooting game, Dead Trigger is a game you'll want to download.

9) ShadowGun ($4.99)

 IGN called this game of of the best-looking mobile games ever created, and that claim still holds throughout this day. This third-person shooter has been optimized for the Tegra 3 processor used in the Nexus 7. If you're looking for a console-style experience from a mobile game, this is the one to have.

10) Tablified Market HD (FREE)

: It's hard to keep track of the best Android tablet apps available, but Tablified Market HD tries its best to sort through the never-ending stream of apps uploaded every day. Apps will still be downloaded through the Google Play store. Tablified simply helps users find the latest and greatest apps that are optimized for the Nexus 7.
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